We Are Not

Confidence Coaches


Our goal is to make everything that you need to learn how to deal with people confidently available free on our website.

But it is not information or skills that most people lack, its a solid emotional base.

Thats why we run workshops.

We provide support, instruction and access range of professional techniques that will help you project self-confidence.

But the workshops primarily focus on your emotions.

Emotions create our thoughts, which create our behaviours, which ultimately dictate how we approach challenges in our lives.

By putting yourself in situations you fear, you learn to control your emotions!


Exposure Therapy


Our workshops are based on the principles of exposure therapy.

Exposure therapy is widely regarded as the most effective way to treat phobias.

Numerous studies have demonstrated its success in the treatment of generalised anxiety, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and PTSD.

Using a series of acting, improv, public speaking and stand up comedy exercises we help you to break your patterns of fear and avoidance.

By going beyond your comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment, you will build the emotional foundation you need to be confident in everyday life.

Join us to overcome your fears, have fun and learn skills that will transform your social and professional relationships.