How To Overcome Low Self-Esteem



Overcome your insecurities

We all have the voice inside that tells us to GIVE UP! when things get hard, AVOID! when we are under pressure and RUN! when we are outside of our comfort zone.

This voice stops us from taking action and severely damages our sense of self-worth.

That negative voice is our insecurities.

Giving in to your insecurities can make you incompetent, negative, unhelpful, lazy and even hostile to other people.

The first step to better self esteem is to identify this voice and make a conscious decision to reject its advice.



You may not be perfect but you are good enough

Perfection is the lowest standard because it is unattainable.

Celebrities can’t be the standard when it comes to your own self-esteem. In fact, self-esteem has very little to do with actual talent, looks or wealth.

Some of the most gifted people in the world have the lowest self esteem and feel that they are not good enough.

Comparing your life and what you have to other people’s lives is a very destructive habit.

The only person you should be competing against is yourself.

Focus on your goals and on your results.



Overcome negative experiences

Writing in the most powerful tool that you have to understand and overcome negative experiences you have had in the past.

Learn the lessons of the past but also how to move on. For any negative experiences you have had, go through this process

Write down how the experience has effected your life and made you who you are today.

How has this experience changed my view of people and the world?

How did this situation come about?

What role did I play in the events that led to this?

Were there things that I could have done differently?

Was I helped or hurt by other people?

What effect did this have on my trust in people?

Were there events that were out of my control or beyond your understanding at the time?

What effect has this had on my belief in my own value?

What effect has this had on my personality?

Writing about your experiences will help you to better understand emotions that have been bottled up for years.