Clarity, Impact & Confidence



The skills and experiences you need to communicate your ideas with clarity, impact and confidence.

Whether you are a programmer or physicist, marketer or medical doctor, you need to communicate confidently to get ahead in your career.

The workplace and job requirements are changing rapidly.

But what will never change is the value of being able to deal with people, influence others and communicate your ideas effectively.

Make sure that you are heard, understood and respected.

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Course Programme



Learn how to communicate your ideas with clarity, impact and confidence.

Take part in a series exercises that will take you beyond your comfort zone and prepare you for the challenges that you come up against in interviews, at work and in business.

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Why Join Us?



Learn how to communicate with confidence

We teach you how to manage nerves, project your voice, use open body language, maintain eye contact, persuade, channel enthusiasm, tell engaging stories and inspire people to action.


Go beyond your comfort zone in a safe environment

We provide a safe and supportive environment that allows you to overcome your inhibitions and build the emotional foundation that you need to feel confident.


Receive personalised feedback and instruction

Get in personalised feedback, instruction and career advice from our business communication coaches.

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Who should attend?



This course is designed for ambitious graduates and professionals across any function and industry who are interested in learning how to communicate their ideas with more clarity, impact and confidence.

It is particularly valuable for anyone struggling from social anxiety, shyness, low-self esteem or a lack of self confidence.

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Register Now



This course takes place at the Said Business School, University of Oxford from 10am to 6pm and costs just £349.